Sunday, 5 May 2013

Weekend in Little Venice Part 1 The Unexpected Boat Show

I'd decided this weekend to go and check out the The Waterway which is a small restaurant just on the way to Little Venice from where me and Kris live in Queens Park.

Once we got there I was told that there were no tables outside available under the canopy area, which I think is the nicest area to look at and its where I wanted to eat so although the really friendly waiter tried to sell me on the idea of a canopy less picnic style table or a small table just inside the front door, I was not swayed in the least. It had been raining so I didn't want to be soaked and the table inside just looked dark even though it was next to a window, so I asked if I could book a canopy table for an hours times and come back, which they did so I was very happy and decided that we would walk to the main canal junction in Little Venice and grab a coffee at the Waterside Cafe but to my great surprise I hadn't even realized the Little Venice Boat Show was happening!

The last time I'd come here I'd been living in Stratford so it was nice to be able to come and go so easily. The cafe was far too busy as there were more that 5 times the normal amount of Little Venice visitors so we took a walk down the stalls towards some of the larger chain coffee shops.

We did pass a very nice chocolate specialist store called Chocololo where the chef had a large selection of special chocolate treats, as we were just going for a coffee and really hungry as we were waiting on a table we decided to get something, Kristine convinced me that the chocolate strawberries were the way to go and I didn't really put up a fight, go on then! We grabbed a tub of white and dark chocolate strawberries and headed to the local Starbucks.

Unfortunately we only had time to glance at some of the other stalls as by the time we had our coffees we had to walk back or avoid missing out on our table.

I've written a review of the meal we had at The Waterway Restaurant as a separate blog so please go and check it out, much more information about the restaurant also.

We did return to the festival to grab some new herbs for our ever developing garden and we both agreed that we had an awesome day out even though the we didn't know if it was rain or sunshine.

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